Brunswick Division of Police
Medina County Safe Communities Program Releases
Final 2013 County Traffic Fatalities

As of December 31, 2013 Medina County has had two fatal crashes with two people killed. A drop in fatal crashes is something that Medina Co. Safe Communities Program is proud of.

NEW!  If you want to check out traffic or an incident on 71 at 303, ODOT now has a camera there.

The quick way to get the view is to go to  Pick the icon on the right side that looks like a movie camera.  Also, radars installed all along the freeway measure traffic speed and the road on the map will change color to indicate general traffic speed.

If you want to see larger camera views, go to
Medina County Safe Communities is a coalition made up of many partners in our county, from our high school prevention specialists, foundations, police, driving programs, churches, health partners, courts, corrections, businesses, cable tv, print and social media.  Every member of the coalition is vital piece of the puzzle to save lives and accomplish such a low crash fatality rate for Medina County for 2013 ” said Officer Jerry Klue Director of the Safe Communities Program at Brunswick Division of Police.

“As commander of the OVI Task Force I am very proud of the accomplishments of the law enforcement agencies in Medina County in coming together to address the impaired driver issue and do our part in making our roadways safer.  It is through this team effort and with the support of grant dollars from the Ohio Department of Public Safety that have given us the opportunity to put dedicated resources into sobriety checkpoints and aggressive patrols.” said Lieutenant Brian Ohlin of the Brunswick Division of Police.

“The key to our 2013 traffic safety accomplishment is the cooperative effort by all law enforcement agencies within the county on enforcing seatbelt violations, removing impaired drivers, along with ongoing educational messages geared toward traffic safety.  In 2014 our traffic safety mission will continue.  We will continue to put emphasis on impaired driving and seat belt use, as it remains the most promising means to reduce traffic deaths and injuries.  Each life lost on our roadways is someone's relative or loved one, and we keep that in the forefront of our minds when we pursue engineering, education and enforcement tactics aimed at keeping our roads safe.” said Lieutenant William P. Haymaker Post Commander of the Medina Highway Patrol Post.

“We invite everyone to visit the Medina Safe Communities web site for more information videos and awareness opportunities at The “Safe Communities” program was developed through the Ohio Department of Public Safety to establish and/or expand community partnerships to create safer, healthier communities throughout Ohio.

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