This map shows Fatal Traffic Crashes in Medina County from 2014 to 2016.

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This map shows Impaired Driving Enforcement Activity in Medina County for 2016. 

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OVI stops
The Medina County OVI Task Force is a coalition of Medina County law enforcement agencies, working to deter drunk driving. OVI stands for Operating a Vehicle Under the Influence (formerly referred to as DUI).

The Task Force brings together the participating agencies to concentrate on one specific area of the county on a particular night. Participating officers that are working outside of their city or township are given sheriff deputy commissions to be able to enforce laws while working with the Task Force.

Drunk driving has caused the death of several Medina County residents, and is devastating to their families and the community as a whole. Medina County Safe Communities Coalition brings together community groups, law enforcement and the Ohio Traffic Safety Office in an effort to both educate drivers on the danger of drunk driving, and to catch those that break Ohio law before they can hurt innocent citizens.

 It is hoped that aggressive identification of traffic law violations will make people think twice before drinking and driving.

If you witness a possible drunk driver, call:
1-800-GRAB DUI